Abzar lube Shop | Grease Pump | Oil Pump | Diaphragm Pump | Waste Oil Suction Unit

Abzar lube Shop by using technical experts and managers in automatic centralized systems began its activities in this field.

The main goal of Abzar lube Shop is supplying of products with high quality and reliability in the field of Automatic lubrication systems. For this reason, this shop representing companies of  Lincoln and Spain is obtained. The combination of high quality brands covers a wide range of lubrication systems.

Providing services in the field of lubrication system consists of two parts: automatic centralized lubrication system and portable lubrication system. The shop's products include a electric grease pumps, dividers, End of line pressure switch, pneumatic grease barrel pump, the electric oil pump, pneumatic oil pump, hand operated grease pump, grease gun, oil gun, hand operated oil pump, suction of engine oil unit, diesel pumps (fuel), hose reels, air treatment unit and ATF Machines.